TRIPwise... the only Otter resource for tripping wisely. We'll get you to your destination for less money, and with less strain on the environment.
Welcome Back for Fall 2014!

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CSUMB's Alternative Transportation Program, where Otters go to trip wisely.  Join us in saving money on transportation while helping to keep the environment a clean place at the same time.

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The Latest:

OTTERS have more ways to TRIP wisely than ever before:
  • Your current Otter ID card is your free access to all services operated by Monterey-Salinas Transit. When you board the bus, swipe your card on the farebox.  All Students and Employees are eligible. Grab a rider's guide or visit for more info on routes.
  • East Campus residents have a new bus line just for them, called East Campus Express.  Look for Line 26 in the MST Rider's Guide, or visit
  • Bus schedules and route availability correspond to the academic calendar. Check for holiday, winter and summer break transit availability.
  • Main Campus is served by the following bus lines:
    • Line 16  The Dunes - CSUMB - East Campus - Marina
    • Line 17  CSUMB - The Dunes - Marina
    • Line 18  The Dunes - CSUMB - Sand City - Seaside - Monterey
    • Line 25  Salinas - CSUMB
    • Line 26  East Campus - CSUMB - Monterey College of Law (MCL)
    • MST On-Call  CSUMB - MarinaCall MST for a pickup.  This is a good option for getting to Target and REI, or into the heart of Marina when Line 16 is not available. Service Area
    • Line 74 (Monterey-CSUMB).  Special weekday morning service only.
    • MST RIDES, for persons with qualified disabilities only. 
  • TRIPwise Transportation Resources Guide is available throughout campus. The new version is available as of August 28, 2014.
  • CSUMB Community Bike Map is usefull for .  You can find it inside the TRIPwise Transportation Resources Guide throughout campus.


There are nine bus stops throughout East Campus. 

Line 26 EAST CAMPUS EXPRESS offers transportation to campus twice per hour, and stops at all nine bus stops throughout East Campus.  It also will get you back to East Campus twice per hour.

Line 16 provides transportation service once per hour in each direction, and stops at all nine bus stops throughout East Campus. 

Line 25 provides transportation service once per hour in each direction, and stops at one bus stop in East Campus, located on Abrams. 

MST Lines 16 and 26 EAST CAMPUS EXPRESS stop throughout East Campus at these 9 locations:

• Abrams Drive near Schoonover
• Manassas Drive near Gettysburg
• Manassas Drive near Antietam
• Bunker Hill Drive near Yorktown
• Bunker Hill Drive near Trenton
• Schoonover Drive near White*
• Schoonover Drive near Holovits
• Schoonover Drive near Bundage
• Schoonover Drive near Patch

*This stop is identified in the MST Rider’s Guide as “Schoonover Park." You will notice that it is the only timepoint listed in the bus schedules.  There are many stops between the timepoints to service your needs.  Google Transit is an online mapping program for transit riders that helps you plan your trip on transit.  Google Transit will identify bus stops that are not listed in the Rider's Guide.  There just isn't enough room in the Rider's Guide to provide that level of detail.


All students, staff and faculty will have free, unlimited access to Monterey-Salinas Transit. This means you can get anywhere from Paso Robles to San Jose CalTrain station, and anywhere in between, for FREE.

Pledge today, and be hot, rich and smart tomorrow!

Get involved without leaving your chair, without attending a single meeting, and without fielding a stream of emails.

Join the entire campus in pledging your EcoTrips to save money and travel wisely. The more you EcoTrip, both you and the planet will be healthier!

Go to CSUMB.EDU/myecotrip to pledge now!

Convenience, savings with FREE unlimited bus rides!

No need for cash or exact change. Your CSUMB Otter ID card gives you free unlimited access on all Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) buses anywhere they pick up and go. Just swipe your ID card on the farebox and take a seat. It’s that easy! 

Otter Rideshare Board (ORB)

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The Otter Rideshare Board (ORB) is available to Otters, located front and center inside the student center entrance, right after the sliding glass doors. The ORB is impossible to miss.

Whether going to a concert, camping, or heading out of town, check the orb for sharing or offering a ride. The ORB is a place for otters to find or offer one-time or long term carpools by writing requested rides or offered rides along with contact info. You could also just check out the board and call anyone heading in the same direction as you, or find an opportunity to go somewhere you didn’t know about before. If you post a ride offer, you could ask for gas money in return for the ride, and vice versa for requesting a ride.

To post a ride, follow the directions on the blue paper next to the board. The process of filling in a section to offer or request a ride is very self-explanatory, and there are directions on the board. Just remember to use a dry erase marker, which can be borrowed from the student center desk. The dry erase aspect makes it very easy to erase outdated ride posts and save paper. Make sure to take advantage of the rideshare board, especially with the holidays coming up. You could get a ride home for thanksgiving without having to drive your own car, or get gas money for your long haul home from someone needing a ride in that direction!

Wise Trippers...

  Let us know if there's something you're looking for that's not here. There's a half dozen ways to get to class, and the most expensive one for you and the planet is a personal vehicle.

"A solo commuter switching his or her commute to existing public transportation on a single day every week can reduce CO2 emissions by 20 pounds or more than 4,800 pounds in a year..." MST Website, Jan. 2010.

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