The Otter Rideshare Board (ORB) is available to Otters, located front and center inside the student center entrance, right after the sliding glass doors. The ORB is impossible to miss.

Whether going to a concert, camping, or heading out of town, check the orb for sharing or offering a ride. The ORB is a place for otters to find or offer one-time or long term carpools by writing requested rides or offered rides along with contact info. You could also just check out the board and call anyone heading in the same direction as you, or find an opportunity to go somewhere you didn’t know about before. If you post a ride offer, you could ask for gas money in return for the ride, and vice versa for requesting a ride.

To post a ride, follow the directions on the blue paper next to the board. The process of filling in a section to offer or request a ride is very self-explanatory, and there are directions on the board. Just remember to use a dry erase marker, which can be borrowed from the student center desk. The dry erase aspect makes it very easy to erase outdated ride posts and save paper. Make sure to take advantage of the rideshare board, especially with the holidays coming up. You could get a ride home for thanksgiving without having to drive your own car, or get gas money for your long haul home from someone needing a ride in that direction!