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Bicycle Boulevards 

CSUMB claims 3.8 miles of bike boulevards.  Although sharrows are extremely common, not everyone knows what to do when they encounter a roadway that is marked as such.  The idea is to make the bicycle more visible so that vehicles see them.  Vehicles are allowed to pass the cyclist when safe.  Even if a road is not marked with sharrows, it is still legal to ride a bike in the roadway.  Remember, to enhance safety, make sure everyone can see you if you're bicycling.  The farther you are on the side of the road, the more difficult it will be for motorists to see you.  Motorists should give priority to bicycles in a bike boulevard, yield to them and pass them safely.

According to California Department of Motor Vehicles, "Sharrows are used to remind motorists that bicyclists are allowed to lawfully use this portion of a lane.  Sharrows assist bicyclists with positioning on a shared roadway, and also alert motorists of the location a bicyclist may occupy within the traveled roadway."

Look for these next time you want to ride a bike around CSUMB:

Facilities crew lays down the sharrows on Divarty, Aug 2011.  Photo by A CabecaLook for these signs around campus for the best bike routes.

Shared roadways where bikes and cars share lane space are known to have less bicycle-car accidents than roads where there is a striped bike lane.  The safety aspect of the bicycle boulevard may be the most important - the safety for bicycle riders and pedestrians both is enhanced. 

The network of bicycle boulevards connects to other bikeways around our campus for an interconnected "Complete Streets" bicycle network.  The Complete Streets concept makes a community more livable, sustainable, and better for a healthy, car-free lifestyle.

The location of the bicycle boulevards was carefully selected.  The roads currently identified as a bicycle boulevard include:  Divarty from 2nd Ave to A St; A St from Divarty to 7th Ave; 7th Ave from A St to Inter-Garrison Rd; Inter-Garrison Road from 7th Ave to General Jim Moore; and, 5th Ave from Inter-Garrison to Divarty.

If you don't have a bicycle and you want to try out the new boulevard - perhaps take a ride down Divarty to the Coastal Recreation Trail, or ride up Inter-Garrison to the mountain biking trails - rent a bike from the Otter Cycle Center in the Student Center. 

For a complete map of the CSUMB community bicycle network, click on the link for the CSUMB Community Bike Map above.

Click here for for bike safety tips! This is good for cyclists and drivers.


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Bicycling is one way to TRIPwise...

  1. Costs approximately 98% less than driving a car
  2. Is the LOWEST RISK transportation option (safest!)
  3. Burns 500 calories per hour and increases energy, self-esteem, libido and life-span
  4. Reduces anxiety, coronary disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes mellitus
  5. Can be integrated with riding the bus and campus shuttles, so you don't have to ride the entire distance
  6. Bicycling SAVES TIME on trips less than 3 miles
  7. Each bicycle commuter prevents approximately 8,000 lbs of CO2 from damaging our Earth and the health of each other